Bio amino candyballs


Delicious coconut almond candyballs.

We do all know Raffaello, but they do not have such a good effect on our helth. So you can change them with substitute – bio amino candyballs. Very simple recipe, sugar free, gluten free, lactose free, no allergen, but still delicious. Try it!

For about 14 bio amino bio candyballs we need:

1 dl bio rice whip

100 g bio coconut powder

15 g AMsport aminoacids

14 bio almonds

5-10g bio coconut powder for topping


Boil the rice wip and add AMsport aminoacid with coconut. Remove from heat and put in the fridge for 20 min to cool down. Later you make balls and you put an almond in each ball. For the end you topp it with the rest of coconut.

mmmm…it taste good 🙂

If you like more sweet deserts, just add 15g of coconut or vanila protein or 1ts coconut palm sugar or yacon powder.